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An article I read online from 2009 stated that Tampa Bay had:
– 43 Strip Clubs
– 43 McDonalds
– 41 High Schools
– 21 Fire Stations
– 13 Synagogues
– 12 Hospitals

Wow. Fast food, strip clubs & high schools – oh my. Strip clubs, fast food & high school – oh MY!
Ugh… I’m sure the estimated total of strip clubs has risen even more over the past seven years. And with that, so has the increased violence that evolves within their parameters.

Googling a little, it’s not hard to find reports indicating violent crimes directly linked to the adult entertainment industry in Tampa Bay. Between 2014-2015, two different shootings were reported outside the exact same club within 14 months of one another. Just this past October, a fatal shooting occurred outside one of Tampa’s strip clubs. While planning to write this blog post, just last week, yet another two more people were shot in the parking lot of a strip club in – you guessed it – Tampa.

Serving as a small group leader for high school senior girls, my mind can’t help but think that some of the women employed in these clubs, may not be that much older than the group of girls I mentor on a weekly basis. Even more so, they’re risking their lives just by going to work based on the statistics. Many are college students, or single moms, trying to take care of their kids… pay basic bills. As much as the acts of violence need to be addressed through law enforcement, there’s also a need to reach out to the women who work in the clubs. The Second Chance Ministry at Harborside Christian Church in Safety Harbor FL, is doing just that.

Harborside approached me with the vision to design a brand that accompanied their growing outreach which embraces women who are employed in various strip clubs throughout the Tampa Bay area. The third Wednesday night of each month, they invite anyone who would like to volunteer. Whether it’s making home baked goods, stuffing & wrapping small gift bags, praying, or visiting the girls for just a few minutes to hand deliver these gifts, this local outreach is making a difference through their approach and determination to build relationships with women whom may otherwise be ‘overlooked.’ Embraced by conversations with the Second Chance Ministry team, this outreach holds strong hopes of beginning meaningful & truthful friendships with women that work in an environment where selflessness otherwise may never be encountered. I was humbled to learn that last Thanksgiving the Second Chance Ministry asked one club owner permission to set up and serve a Thanksgiving meal outside in their parking lot, free of cost, to all of their employees.

I felt this brand should represent warmth, comfort, elegance, freedom and confidence. I wanted the colors and imagery to symbolize the strengths & qualities that each woman who is embraced, possesses. Thank you Harborside for letting me a part of the branding of this amazing outreach for women happening right here within our community. Every second counts. Every chance matters.


The most recent tragic current events in France show us that our homes, cities, our nation and world needs communities joining together in support and prayer. Working alongside Harbor City Gathering, a new interactive Christian community in Melbourne, Florida, on their ministry branding launch is just one of the ways I’ve witnessed new communities becoming stronger together.

Creative Director, Co-Founder of Storyboat Media, Pastor & good friend of mine, Jeremiah Gonda, approached me with a long term vision God had given his wife Laura, her father, himself and a core-group of others whose passion & faith supported the launch of HCG. As our friendship with the Gonda’s evolved over the past few years, we shared dinner table & phone conversations about literal, vivid dreams, (including the aircraft carrier symbol you see in the logo), prayer and plans that God had revealed to them. Laura spoke about numerous dreams she had awoken from and felt compelled to journal about, some remarkably occurring over a decade ago. Many of those dreams became ‘life’ during the official launch of Harbor City Gathering last Saturday night.

Thank you Harbor City Gathering for letting me serve as a creative role in this new journey God has equipped you to lead. If you’re in Melbourne, Florida, also known as The Harbor City, stop into one of their gatherings at 6:30pm Saturday nights!

Harbor City Gathering Branding

Tonight our church kicked off it’s first fall Trinity Fest, a four day, community-wide event featuring a myriad of carnival rides, entertainment, a 5K race, Trunk or Treat, food & games. As Lead Designer, my creative role enabled me to be a part of the branding process from early conceptualization to the last final finishing details. Designing an extensive range of promotional collateral included producing sponsorship packaging, flyers, rack cards, web & social media ads, giveaway entry cards, banners, directional signage and more. Least to say, I’m ready to put my feet up and treat myself to a caramel apple! If you’re local to the Trinity area, you should check it out this weekend. Thanks for stopping by!

THIS MONTH, I celebrated the re-launch of a new business website. Okay, let me rephrase.
I joined 15 other driven small business owners, in the scenic hills of Rancho Cucamonga, CA, got spoil-uulled with hip swag from area sponsors, served mimosas, margaritas & amazing pastries, encouraged & nurtured by creative, intelligent, confident women, made friends with new girl bosses, all while stomping out one of my biggest anxiety driving hurdles – the technical back-end of web implementation. Oh, and how could this Kelly girl forget? Yep, this all happened at the start of St. Patrick’s Day, one of my favorite holidays. Ser-i-ous-ly folks.

Promise Tangeman
, owner of Go Live HQ, is a creative design guru that I’ve admired for a few years now. Your eyes might get blinded by the twinkle in mine that appears when I marvel at how by just doing what she loves, has helped me transform from being a designer who just two years ago never shared her work with the public, to an individual who’s gaining more confidence to embrace all that’s waiting at the drop of a mouse click. Composed of a nationwide, tight-knit team of creatives, Promise’s driven mindset motivates her team to connect, advise, create, dream while helping small business owners implement the visual & business capacities they’ve expressed wanting to identify with. Basically, if you are picking split ends and biting nails over piecing the components of a site together, this Go Live Workshop site launch experience will help you knock-it-out, with a glass of champagne in your hand, in 2 days flat, all from the living room of Promise’s home. As of 2015, the Go Live HQ Experience team offers workshops in multiple cities across the U.S. So, if you’re intrigued now, check out if their team is bringing a workshop to a city near you!

You’re Already a Designer… Why Did You Have the Go Live Team Help You?
Good point. Good question. While yes, I already designed and branded my former & fairly recent website in the fall of 2013, as soon as it was live, I already swapped new goals in place of old, and couldn’t stop considering of how I intended to make it even better. Isn’t that a norm for ‘normal’ creatives? Ever changing with the seasonal Pantone fan deck. I wasn’t fully equipped with the knowledge of how to get from what I envisioned – to making it happen. I’m a firm believer that my creative (& technical) education should be set to a revolving door and continuing enrollment status. I enjoy challenging myself to learn something new in the field, whether it’s back-end navigation, social media marketing or what typefaces are hitting the sale rack. 😉 Whereas I craved feedback on my branding & design, the area I really needed assistance in, was in the build & launch portions of the workshop experience. That’s where the Go Live HQ team came in.

DAY 1 consisted of an introduction to the platform you chose. I specifically had decided to transition my former ModX site into a ProPhoto site. We were divided up into groups based on the platform we chose (SHOWIT, Squarespace, or ProPhoto) and hung out with an assigned mentor (Hi Fiving it to MEG LONG!), who introduced us to our platform and taught us the basics of getting acquainted with the back-end menus. I had actually met Meg back in the fall at Designer VACA in Palm Springs and I just had that feeling we were gonna see eye to eye through those ringlets of curls that framed our faces. Throughout the first day, head shots of the attendees were taken, and one on one’s with Promise were scheduled to revisit goals, visions and branding directions. By the end of the day, we were asked to implement all of our site’s content (which was required as homework weeks before the workshop even began).


DAY 2 was waking us up before we knew it and we dove right into filling in the rest of the site details. More in depth conversations were had between Meg and my ProPhoto comrades (Jenny Smith & Kathyrn Colby), as we made it towards the finish line, honed down on final decisions and crafted our vision into being. The day was rocking’ it with photographers Nicole Lapierre & Kristen Booth buzzing, Instagrammers streaming & chef extraordinaire, Josh Hager, once again, gifted us with his home made fresh fruit tarts & custom Go Live logo sugar cookies. #legit.

The Creativity Between the Curls” (Meg & I)

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I was psyched to room with Jenny Smith, an am-az-ing wedding photographer based out of LA, whom I met last year at the Pursuit 31 Conference in Georgia. ‘Kathryn’ just happens to be my middle name and that’s exactly how I spell it too. And why, in walks new friend & wedding photographer, Kathryn Colby, who was stationed right next to me throughout both days.

Overall, I’m really glad I took a fresh approach to implement the design of my site, while using the talents and knowledge of the Go Live team to assist me in the areas that I was not as fully equipped in. It was a successful personal and business experience and I cannot recommend a better team.

Throughout my new site, you will see some really great photos in Ybor City, Tampa, taken by photographer, Melissa Corta, owner of Contemporary Captures. More details to come on the blog soon on that photoshoot! Thank you so much Melissa, your work is awesome.

Below are a few candid shots of our celebratory Go Live moment!
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Check out all these amazing business’ new sites that launched! Congrats ladies!

And mad props to all of our lovely swag bag sponsors – Check them out!


Get your sunglasses on!
I had the privilege of working alongside a newly relocated organization who was transitioning their office from the green mountains of Colorado, to the blue shores of Tampa, FL. Here’s a simple & fresh re-brand concept we worked towards together.